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The History of Cory Zion Church: 1880 to the Present

The Church as a Mission's Outreach

The history of Cory Zion Church begins in 1880. Many of the families living around Cory at this time had not connection with Christ or a church. To remedy this a woman in Cory by the name of Harriet Morrs established an outreach to the community. When this outreach was started it began to attract several people. After a year there was a very stable attendance.


A Church is Formed

With a stable attendance Richard Johnson became the minister in 1881. Eventually under some firm leadership a church building was erected in 1892. It was dedicated on December 25th by Richard Johnson. It was around this time that the church was given the name Cory Zion.


The Strength of God's Hand through Tests

The early leaders of Cory Zion tell of a strong faith and the Divine Hand of God providing overcoming grace through the early years. A strong heritage of faith was beginning to be passed on which would continue from generation to generation.


The Middle Years of Development

As the church grew and developed it was in 1940 that the church building was raised and a basement was added.. Pledges were obtained to defray the cost.

Children's day was an annual event in the church for many years. That was a day in the year that was filled with ministry from children and activities for children. This day was very loved. It promoted a lot of ministry growth in the church. In the 1950's it was replaced by the increasingly popular movement of Vacation Bible School. It has been in operation every since.


Three Key Developments in the 80's

Our history moves us to the 1980's. This became an even more remarkable time of growth and development in the church. It would be during this time that three lasting legacies were started which continue to be a blessing for the church. The first was the building of the classrooms to the north of the church and extending of the basement. With hardly any funds to pay for this addition the work was begun in faith in the summer of 1983. During this time it was decided to remodel the sanctuary as well. By the summer of 1986 it was all completed and paid for in full.

To help pay for the building costs during this period the church started in November of 1983 the annual Turkey Supper. This has been a successful and ongoing tradition in the church for over the last 30 years. It feeds on the average 600 people.

It would be in September of 1985, in the middle of the construction, that Dr. Jerry Caskey would become the pastor of Cory Zion Church. Under his fourteen year tenure the church would experience a high level of numerical and spiritual growth. Dr. Caskey was deeply regarded for his rich knowledge of the Bible as well as his godly example. He was deeply loved as the pastor. The church experienced a lot of growth under the Lord's influence with Dr. Caskey.


Recent Developments

In 2000 Pastor Steve Leeper became pastor. Through his leadership there was a lot of growth in the Sunday evening children's ministry. Many people have expressed how God used Steve to encourage and speak to their lives.

In July of 2002 Anthony Ferriell became the pastor of Cory Zion. He remains grateful and appreciative of the rich heritage of God's work in the church and the community. In the last four years we have undergone a major building expansion to contain the growth of the church. We have seen a growth in ministry outreach to the community and youth and children's programs.